How we work

The Peterson Capital financial model relies on investing in a larger number of companies that are smaller than typical private equity targets.

Simply put, that means we have a need for strong partners with an owner/operator mindset. Rather than buying a company outright and plugging in employee managers, we partner with owner/operators with vested “skin in the game” interests. This allows us to tap into—and specifically invest in—skilled entrepreneurs who fully partake in the risks and rewards inherent in the company while managing the day-to-day activities.

Our benefits

The Peterson model provides significant opportunities for owner/operators to collaborate with our company versus owning and operating a business entity independently. We strongly believe this model puts owner/operators at a significant advantage over being a “lone ranger” entrepreneur.

We also have partnership opportunities for individuals or entities who either:

A. Have access to multiple capital sources who may wish to invest in the Peterson model, or
B. Are interested in becoming a business broker / local developer of the Peterson Capital model.